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Our Team

Meet our Justin beaver Team!

Justin Beaver is a furry environmental ambassador passionate about protecting natural habitats and combating climate change. This beaver is an inspiration to a diverse group of individuals, including researchers, managers, programmers, animators, journalists, teachers, students, and all those who share a deep love and concern for the health of our planet. With their determination, hard work, and infectious enthusiasm, our beaver is a true leader in the fight for a sustainable future.


Our technical team

Our team is a diverse group of professionals who are passionate about educating people on climate change through the power of virtual reality. We have talented programmers who build the technology that brings our ideas to life, skilled storytellers who create compelling narratives, creative designers who craft immersive environments, and talented voice actors who bring our characters to life. Together, we work to design innovative Justin Beaver products that inspire and educate people about climate change.

Biologist Experts

Volunteer researchers and VR experts

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