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Finding Inspiration in Nature

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This scientific project has the objective to foster empathy reactions towards animals and the planet in the virtual worlds.

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Hello, I am a beaver, I am Justin Beaver!

My story is simple:

I was born as a laboratory and research idea. Now, I can express myself through virtual reality and XR technology.


Who is Justin Beaver?

Research Story

This technologically advanced Virtual Reality creates the illusion of having a virtual animal body in a natural 3D scenario. In this virtual world, users can experience the simulation of a shot by illegal hunters at the end of the game. In addition to virtual reality glasses, the users experience physical feedback through a vest with vibration motors that allows the sensation of swimming in the water and touching fishes.


To improve the empathy for wild animals which are being threatened by extinction, Doctor Alexandra Sierra Rativa, and their supervisors Marie Postma and Menno van Zaanen of the department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence have developed an application about a beaver, called 'Justin Beaver VR', which allows people to feel like an animal through Virtual Reality. The application was part of doctoral research on the empathic influence of VR games on people.


Our mission

Inspire human minds around the world through the power of immersive technology to foster empathy, self-awareness, and curiosity toward our planet.

Why this project is important?

Awareness and Empathy
in the Digital Content



Scientist,  Designer, Director,  Entrepreneur, and Animal Lover

The results of this research can be used to teach about Climate Change and Global Warming from the perspective of the animals through the interactive virtual reality experiences. Children and the general public can explore this virtual reality experience, which “can be a great ally in teaching children and young people and inspiring environmental awareness and love of science” (University, 2021).

Dr. Alexandra Sierra Rativa
Cogntive Science and Artificial Intelligence