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Our Projects

This VR Climate Change Educational Experience is called Justin Beaver. Teachers and students can observe plastic pollution, climate change and global warming from an animal’s perspective (a beaver, Justin Beaver). It is an original product for the general public (from 13 years old) and also can be adopted by primary schools. The VR climate change educational experience has a high-quality video game and educational content for the classroom in various languages Dutch, English, Spanish and Japanese. Also, potentially available in French and Chinese languages.

In virtual reality, movies and video games, there is much misinformation about climate change's impact. Also, the main focus of the climate change effects is mainly focused on humans. However, we disrupt these trends, inviting the general audience to view climate change from an animal perspective. Our main objective is to inform and educate critical thinking about wildlife and the new challenges that animals face due to pollution and its impact on the climate. Our teachers and students will experience the power of immersive technology to put themselves in an animal's body and create emotional and cognitive connections to animals. They will learn what virtual reality is, what beavers are, what the seasons are (spring, summer, autumn and winter), what climate change is, and how climate change affects animals, especially beavers.


Our Learning Guides for teachers and students

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