Justin Beaver: Spring Season

Welcome Bright Festival 2023
Putting yourself in the beaver body in the 19th Century

What is it about?

We designed an interactive movie in virtual reality. We can show the life of a beaver and their challenge in the 19th Century. 

The immersive exhibition is called "Justin Beaver: Spring Season"

This Immersive Exhibition allows users to feel like an animal. It will enable them to have an emotional and empathic connection with wild creatures. Our enormous desire is seeding in the people's awareness about heritage nature protection from an animal's perspective!

Our story for immersive exhibition!

Do you know about Beaver hats?

In the 19th Century, Beaver went extinct in Belgium due to over-trapping, and massive hunting. As fashion changed in the 1820s, beaver hats had a very negative impact on the beaver trade and high society preferred to have hats made from beaver fur as a symbol of wealth and quality.

beaver huts.jfif

Do you know about the deforestation in the 19th century?

deforestation belgium.png

In the 19th Century, the area of Belgium community-owned forests slowly declined until the mid nineteenth century, primarily through deforestation for agriculture.

The symbol of our exhibition is wood logs which described deforestation in Belgium in the 19th Century and their revolutions.



VR Dome with Lights: 
combines Nature, History, and Technology in one place!


What does it look like?

We love this project!
and you?

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Curious enough!