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Justin Beaver Survivor



I do not want to survive, I want to live! 

You can feel, touch, and understand climate change and global warming through the eyes of Justin Beaver

Update! (Movie release: March 2022)

About Justin Beaver Survivor Film

Virtual Reality and 360 video

We designed an interactive movie in virtual reality, mobile version, and 360 version. We can show the life of a beaver and its possibility to survive in the challenges of Climate Change and Global Warming in nature and human relationships.

The film is called "Justin Beaver Survivor". This film allows users to feel like an animal. It will enable them to have an emotional and empathic connection with wild creatures. 

Our enormous desire is seeding in the people's awareness about climate change from an animal's perspective!

Our Games

Our mission

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To take action to foster empathy toward animals through the virtual world, with a focus on climate change and global warming problems. Animals cannot defend themselves because they can not speak.

Animals are our best friends, our workers, our food, and our connection with the planet. Animals cannot defend themselves because they do not speak. The statistics show that between 10,000 and 100,000 animals are becoming extinct each year, and minor people care. 

This can foster a lack of empathy towards other forms of life. As Greta Thunberg said: "You say you love your children above all else, and yet you are stealing their future in front of their eyes."

Every time you watch Justin Beaver Survivor, you buy it, you share it, you talk about this film or support this initiative. Somehow, you help us create more digital content than the possibility of taking an interest in caring for our natural biodiversity and transforming education by immersive learning.


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You are a beaver

Now, your body is transforming into a beaver. It will help you put yourself in nature's shoes!

Last technology

Behind the scenes

We are working with the latest technology and programming to make this experience unique and incredible!

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Travel to nature places

From the virtual worlds we want to give you a tour to natural places that are waiting for you!

Support us

Every time you buy or watch this film,  we can share this project at public schools worldwide. The children can watch this immersive technology and they can foster empathy toward nature and animals and they can have an active role in climate change and global warming!

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Alexandra Sierra


"We are sending a wrong message in virtual worlds when allows our children and young people to play or watch a movie where is killing animals just for fun. They can be influenced apathy toward animals by digital content every day. We need to do something!"



Humanity is on a red alert as the planet's temperature will increase by 1.5 ° C in the coming years. Heavy rains, intense heat waves, and unbalanced seasons can create a domino effect, leading to an accelerated extinction of animals, plants, and other living things globally. We need to teach children this problematic of climate change rapidly!


The Netherlands

"Justin Beaver is een combinatie van digitale innovatie, wetenschap en een groter maatschappelijk doel. Het is de eerste stap van vele in een educatief project dat op een praktische manier bijdraagt aan welzijn voor mens en dier."

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